Kohinoor Foods Ltd. is no stranger to awards and recognition. And with its huge list of accomplishments, it’s really no surprise. Incredible as it may sound - 868,500 finest basmati grains flow out every second from Kohinoor factories. If on one hand, Kohinoor Basmati Rice is the first branded food from India to be served on board Malaysian Airlines, than on the other hand, Kohinoor has an elite list of customers that includes the Royal Palaces of Brunei, Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman. That’s not all, Kohinoor Foods Ltd. can be credited with a lot of firsts in the category-

First to introduce one & five kg packs in the rice category – changing the way India buys rice

First to start building brand in a traditionally commoditised market

First to advertise rice in the Indian market

First to bring automated packaging machines and color Z series Sortex machines to the country

What’s more, the company has also received many prestigious and coveted awards - the APEDA award for fourteen consecutive years, Certificate from Guinness Book of World Records for making World's Largest Biryani, The National Award for Export Excellence, the Brand Equity award and a host of others. But the recognition that’s closest to the company is the one awarded by millions of satisfied customers across the globe who vouch for the authentic Indian taste it offers.

"Guinness Book of Records for making largest biryani"

Kohinoor, the Guinness World Record Holder

The Guinness Book of World Records is an internationally recognized collection of world records of both human achievements and the extremes of the natural world. A recognition that only a few can achieve, Kohinoor was honoured with Guinness certificate for entering the Guinness Book of World Records on 1st March, 2008. The record was set by making the "World's Largest Biryani", weighting 14,060 kgs in New Delhi.

Validated by consumers as a 'Superbrand'

Superbrand is the elitist of the titles given to brands when they attain a paramount status in the market and enjoy undisputed preference over the competition; something that Kohinoor has been doing for years and has won loyal patrons and become customers' preferred choice by delivering quality through its wide range of products. Being consistent and undeterred made kohinoor the only rice brand honoured and declared as the 'superbrand' twice.

The Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Awards

Reader's Digest trusted brands survey has been the most reliable and credible barometer of consumer brand preferences in Asia since its beginning. It didn't take Kohinoor much time to be among the proud winners of Reader's Digest Gold Trusted Brand Award for 6 consecutive years; a survey of brand performances, being the undisputed king of rice and creating a niche with an unchallenged position in the people's hearts in India and abroad.

The Powerbrand Award

Powerbrand is one of the most prestigious honours given to a brand today. This illustrious title recognizes brands which have become an integral part of lives around the nation. Powerbrand is the power which every brand wants to possess. Kohinoor Foods have been awarded the Powerbrand title, thanks to the love of all its consumers, who regard Kohinoor's commitment to authenticity as the best in the food category.