Brand Evolution

Logos have become the visual representation of the company’s brand with whom the customer associates the company & its experience with it.

The consumer sees the reflection of the brand experience & relates it to the company’s logo.The “kohinoor” logo in its journey has progressed it self to stay unique & contemporary to the present day. The logo has evolved itself over a period of time & has been able to remain fresh in consumer mind space.

Keeping up with changing times and growth in economies world wide and specially the indian economy boomed and lot of infuence of western world changed the consumer perceptions for aspirational brands. Kohinoor also metamorphed itself into a ‘new avatar’ with the high aspirational & premium look & feel. In past 25 years or so some things have changed dramatically & some things seemingly have not changed at all. Today economies have grown, disposable incomes have increased…consumers are looking more from the brand that delivers value to them and keeps pace with the changing environment. inspite of the changing environment what has remained constant is the ‘trust’, ‘love’ & ‘belief’ in the kohinoor brand and all this has been possible because kohinoor brand has always been true to its consumers in all its deliverables.

As the world has progressed we have to ask ourselves, does our logo still say we are unique, contemporary & in sync with the times Keeping in sync with the ever so demanding consumer that looks for a premium & contemporary values from the brand, kohinoor once again delivers on the consumer needs & demands kohinoor very proudly presents an absolutely contemporary, fresh & progressive new logo that will surely relate to the consumers and will stand the test of current market dynamics.