Green Grown

Kohinoor Foods Ltd embarked upon its journey in 1989; today we are present in India and over 65 countries, touching people’s lives like none other. Our ready-to-eat curries & meals, simmer sauces and cooking paste to spices, seasonings and frozen foods has been loved by millions.

We are now further expanding our foot prints to the “Green Grown” range of 100% certified organic products, catering to the demands of organic food for the world.

Green Grown, from the house of Kohinoor, is a sincere attempt to improve the quality of life by extending 100% natural/healthy/organic products as per the stringent norms to meet the global standards.

Green Grown offers more than 100 organic/healthy/certified products including whole cereals, pulses, spices (whole and ground), healthy grains, edible oils, rice (basmati and sona masuri) and other range of 100% natural/healthy/organic products. All our products are organic/pure/healthy and natural. Because we know you want the best for your family and so do we.

Organic Products

  • Organic Spices

    Organic Spices

  • Organic Lentil & Beans

    Organic Lentil & Beans

  • Organic Cereals

    Organic Cereals

  • Organic Ready to Eat

    Organic Ready to Eat

  • Healthy Products

  • Edible Oil

    Edible Oil

  • Healthy Grains

    Healthy Grains

  • Healthy Grains with Cereals

    Healthy Grains with Cereals

  • Corriander


  • Cumin


  • Clove


  • Black Pepper

    Black Pepper

  • Cinnamon


  • Cardamom(Green)


  • Red Chilli

    Red Chilli

  • Black Mustard

    Black Mustard

  • Red Chilli Powder

    Red Chilli Powder

  • Coriander Powder

    Coriander Powder

  • Turmeric


  • Red Chilli Flakes

    Red Chilli Flakes

  • Garam Masala

    Garam Masala

  • Moong Dal yellow

    Moong Dal yellow

  • Toor Dal

    Toor Dal

  • Channa Dal

    Channa Dal

  • Mix Dal

    Mix Dal

  • Black Eyed Beans

    Black Eyed Beans

  • Moong Whole

    Moong Whole

  • Malka Masoor

    Malka Masoor

  • Masoor Dal

    Masoor Dal

  • Moth


  • Moong Dal Split

    Moong Dal Split

  • Urad Whole

    Urad Whole

  • Urad Dal Split

    Urad Dal Split

  • Kabuli Channa

    Kabuli Channa

  • Rajma Jammu

    Rajma Jammu

  • Rajma Chitra

    Rajma Chitra

  • White Basmati

    White Basmati

  • Brown Basmati

    Brown Basmati

  • Sona Masoori Rice

    Sona Masoori Rice

  • Veg Biryani

    Veg Biryani

  • Veg Brown Rice

    Veg Brown Rice

  • Jeera Rice

    Jeera Rice

  • Brown Rice

    Brown Rice

  • Dal Tadka

    Dal Tadka

  • Dal Palak

    Dal Palak

  • Rajma Masala

    Rajma Masala

  • Channa Masala

    Channa Masala

  • Olive Oil

    Olive Oil

  • Rice Bran Oil

    Rice Bran Oil

  • Canola Oil

    Canola Oil

  • Rice Bran Oil with infusions

    Rice Bran Oil with infusions

  • Raw White Quinoa

    Raw White Quinoa

  • Raw Red Quinoa

    Raw Red Quinoa

  • Plain Quinoa

    Plain Quinoa

  • Mexican flavour Quinoa

    Mexican flavour Quinoa

  • Moroccan flavour Quinoa

    Moroccan flavour Quinoa

  • Chia Seeds

    Chia Seeds

  • Amaranth


  • Flax Seeds

    Flax Seeds

  • Quinoa with Brown Rice

    Quinoa with Brown Rice

  • Chia with Brown Rice

    Chia with Brown Rice